We work to achieve your goals and meet your family objectives. We help you determine what strategies will best address your needs and pass your estate to your heirs. Our experience helps you make informed decisions about wealth transfers.

Our practice includes

  1. Preparation of last will and testiment;
  2. Trusts:
    1. Revocable Trusts,
    2. Irrevocable Trusts,
    3. Insurance Trusts,
    4. Charitable Remainder Trusts,
    5. Minor’s Trusts,
    6. Credit Shelter Trusts ,
    7. Grantor Trusts,
    8. Blind Trusts
  3. Advanced medical directives;
  4. Durable financial powers of attorney;
  5. Health care powers of attorney;
  6. Non probate transfers;
  7. Business succession planning;
  8. Family limited partnerships;
  9. Martial Property Agreements; and
  10. Pre-nuptial Agreements